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B&B Alfio Tomaselli

Dear visitor,

Tomaselli bed and breakfast is located on the first floor of a house immersed in the silence and serenity of Nicolosi, pleasant town situated at the "foot of Etna".

The idea and design of this activity comes from the desire to create an open meeting of faces, cultures and experiences useful to enrich our lives and the lives of our guests, all made and expressed in an atmosphere of family harmony.

Pina, with his manner courteous and kind, strives to make guests spend the vacation in Sicily in the best way possible to prepare delicacies, taking care of the rooms, always clean and decorated with fanciful elements.

Alfio's taken care of the administrative part and personally oversees the maintenance of the structure, enriching it with new touch-ups ever.

Together they are a winning couple!

The intent is to make guests feel that they are to sleep in Nicolosi at home, offering a symbiosis of kindness and service only!

The kitchen and the terrace represent a crossroads of different cultures and languages, a meeting place warm and welcoming atmosphere that gives off the new day to live better!

The breakfast offer is full of sweet and salty but also enriched by local products and homemade ones from Pina: there is to lose yourself in the scent of homemade cakes, jams and more ... special course requirements and requests details will attenzionate .

So choose the B&B Tomaselli is a guarantee for a pleasant stay and a memorable vacation.

See you there!

Alfio and Pina Tomaselli



B&B Alfio Tomaselli
Via G.Verga 39, 95030 Nicolosi (CT)


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